Introducing Desktop Jet – the smallest surface processing machine from TextureJet

TextureJet is pleased to announce the launch of Desktop Jet, a mini version of the established Precision Jet machine.

With external dimensions of just 950 mm x 600 mm x 770 mm, this is a small but mighty bit of kit that can be mounted on a desktop. It can be used for deburring, roughening, patterning, polishing, coating removal, QR code/part-marking, post-processing AM printed components and more!

Just like PrecisionJet, this is a high precision multi- axis machining centre for surface processing with many benefits:

·         Easy to use

·         Extremely high precision (sub 0.02mm)

·         Versatile and adaptable

·         Repeatable

·         Scalable to any requirements

·         Capable of machining in the, X, Y and Z axis

·         The self-contained machining chamber means there is no risk of cross contamination with neighbouring machines

·         T slotted bedplate for flexible part mounting or custom mounting arrangements

·         Use of pH neutral electrolytes and no toxic chemicals

·         No need for masking

However, with its significantly smaller footprint, Desktop Jet is perfect for small batches of parts requiring precision finishing, for development teams looking for a small, adaptable machine in their inventory and for factories with limited space.  

Plus, the screen is arm mounted which makes it easier to control the process directly from the benchtop and the sample bed has been raised for even better visibility whilst machining.

Jonathan Mitchell-Smith, CEO and founder of TextureJet says “Following the success of Precision Jet, we have created Desktop Jet to meet the demand for a smaller machine for smaller components. This machine will give many companies the chance to enjoy the benefits of using electrochemical jet machining for their surface processing needs as the budget and space requirements are significantly lower than with the larger machines”.  

About Texture Jet

Established in 2019, TextureJet is delivering a tooling platform with world leading capability to selectively change the surface texture of components, resulting in streamlined production lines. Offering an attractive alternative to existing technologies for surface preparation, post processing or creating complex surface geometries, leading to reductions in environmental impact and costs across the process chain. 


Desktop Jet:

• Axis travel limits are 200mm x 200mm x 150mm (XYZ) 

• External Dimensions (w x d x h): 0.95m x 0.6m x 0.77m 


Jet Precision: 

• Axis travel limits are 450mm x 340mm x 260mm (XYZ) 

• External Dimensions (w x d x h): 1.28m x 1.1m x 2.2m 

Find out more about TextureJet on their member profile page here

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