Introducing PIVOT: An Innovative Bed that Transforms into a Home Gym

New British fitness brand PIVOT Fitness launches an exercise product that solves the fundamental barrier to home workouts: the need for good workout space. 

The company has developed the PIVOT Bed, which in a matter of seconds converts into a home gym. This innovative design lets you lift the bed up to a locked, stable and self-supporting position and get stuck straight into your workout using pull up and dip bars and a power rack built into the underside of the bed frame. Your workout mat and any other equipment are stored in the free space under your bed. 

Founder Colin Montgomery was frustrated by his lack of exercise space at home. He tried working out in the living room, but was always squashed between pieces of furniture, afraid of breaking something. Meanwhile, his spare room sat empty, apart from the guest bed. He started sketching his idea and, using 3D modelling, he soon had a prototype for the PIVOT Bed. 

“Space in many UK homes is at a premium and is often stated as the biggest hurdle to exercising at home. The PIVOT Bed is a groundbreaking addition to this market”, said Colin Montgomery, Founder and CEO of PIVOT Fitness. “Its convenience, coupled with a state-of-the-art design, means there are no more excuses to skipping a workout.” 

In 2020, home gym equipment sales in the UK spiked by 5813% during COVID-19 lockdowns, and by July 2020, gym weights sales surpassed 2019’s total. But with that came clutter and storage issues. 

“PIVOT is the only home exercise solution on the market that gives you a full home gym, offers dual usage of your bedroom, opens up space for exercise, and the gym completely disappears from view when not in use”, said co-founder Patricia Montgomery. “With PIVOT, you no longer need to clutter your home with unsightly exercise equipment.” 

About the PIVOT Bed design

The PIVOT Bed is self-supported by a stable and strong steel base and does not need to be mounted to the floor or wall. It features a pull-up bar which can be set to  2.3m, and doesn't have any of the limitations of the narrow, low doorway-mounted pull-up bars that currently dominate the market. Additionally, PIVOT Bed features dip bars that attach to the centre of the bed frame to facilitate a multitude of exercise options.

Find out more about the company at its members’ directory profile here and its website here.

One of PIVOT® Bed’s most desirable features is the reclaimed floor space, which the user can opt to cover with a custom-fitted exercise mat, providing ample space to perform virtually any type of indoor exercise.

The PIVOT® Bed can be easily switched between its two positions in a matter of seconds, due to the strong gas struts which take the majority of the weight. For strength training enthusiasts, there’s an optional power rack module which installs onto the bottom of the bed frame, its twin arms pivoting outwards and giving the user the ability to perform any exercise they could in the gym using a power rack. 

Power Rack: 75x50mm uprights are made from 3mm thick UK steel, laser cut with Westside hole spacing. A further pull-up bar is attached between the uprights, giving full height-adjustment. The rack add-on includes two steel J-cups, allowing the user to hang a standard Olympic barbell at any height for bench presses or squats, among a myriad of other possibilities. 

Find out more about PIVOT on their member profile page here

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