Introducing SlatWall Grand

For our latest product launch, we've added another dimension to our signature slatted structure by maximising the proportions to create SlatWall Grand.

Featuring wider slats and smaller gaps than our original SlatWall styles, these new panels have a maximised design to emphasise the organic wood grain. The wood veneer on the slats covers a larger surface area, introducing more texture to residential and commercial interiors.

The new collection spans four shades: Natural Oak, Oiled Oak, Walnut and Deep Walnut. Each panel is handmade in the UK at our Yorkshire workshop, using premium materials for a high-end finish and lasting quality. We mount the slats on black recycled felt backing, with narrow gaps between each for a subtler finish. The resulting appearance is similar to tongue and groove panelling, albeit with the added benefit of our 3D slatted structure to enhance acoustics.

Blending dimensional breadth and organic beauty, SlatWall Grand offers a sleek, luxurious finish. It's perfect for elevating interiors, from residential to commercial spaces, giving them a timeless-meets-trendy aesthetic.

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