Investing time in marketing

Marketing is still a lose term in many SME companies however, investment in time can be very rewarding especially when you are building your PR side of the business as well. It does not always have to be costly either, especially if you have a good product or service to offer up to Editors and such-like in their magazines and publications. Some magazines will push for you to do a sponsored editorial however, give them something they love and the Editors will be more than happy to publish your content.
A few tips that should help...

  • Offer up a good story – lifestyle is great for Editors.
  • Great pictures say a thousand words and engage the publications readers.
  • Always ask the editor to link to your website on their digital platforms. Some have a very good domain authority (DA), and this is said to help boost your own presence on the internet.
  • Do a little research – You can often find direct contact details for editors and journalists on social platforms like twitter and linked in. Going through the publications direct doesn’t always work, and you’ll end up on a sales line selling advertising.
  • Promote yourself ‘Made In Britain’, beat the competition who may simply be drop shipping from overseas.

 Here we show a few examples where we appeared in publications in 2021 simply through the tips above.

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