Investments in Artificial Pitches

The UK Government plans to invest in the improvement of multi-sport facilities?

During the government’s recent ‘National Plan for Sport and Recreation’, low levels of physical activity and participation at grassroots level especially within minority groups within the UK were examined. Addressing the concerns highlighted, the UK government confirmed that in 2025 they will be investing £250 million for the improvement of multi-sports grassroots facilities

Through investments, access to sports pitches would improve across the UK, either through new installations or renovation projects to deliver new artificial grass pitches or natural grass pitches in deprived areas, in order to boost physical activity for current and future generations.

With unsustainable football sites across the UK at risk of closure, the government has decided to give the majority of its grassroots programme funding to help upgrade pitches vulnerable to weather impediments and inconsistent maintenance.

Investing in artificial pitches will transform previously unreliable sports surfaces into highly durable fitness spaces that can be accessed all year round. A large proportion of the funding will be allocated towards upgrading sites that support frequent use of multiple sport activities other than football and rugby.

The funding provided will contribute to the development of long-lasting artificial sports surfaces that are more durable and accessible than previous options. Producing more opportunities for sports engagement, the public will hugely benefit from the upcoming developments and begin to engage more in fitness activities.

As a leading expert in sport surfaces within the UK, Playrite’s range of artificial pitches conserve a sense of realism that of a natural grass surface by recreating a similar underfoot tactility. Overall meaning the switch to an artificial surface will not deter players due to the familiarity of game experience/with an unfamiliar experience.

Our versatile multi use games areas (MUGA) is becoming increasingly popular in education and sports facilities: providing inclusive environments for participation of various sports including football, basketball, hockey and tennis to be played on one artificial surface.

Our MUGA surface provides year-round use, maintaining engaged players no matter what the weather. Unlike the distraction of worn out concrete pitches or muddy grass fields, MUGA artificial sports pitches have excellent durability and require minimal upkeep.

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