Investors In People ‘employee wellbeing’ accreditation for manufacturing SME Nicab Ltd

Investors In People ‘employee wellbeing’ accreditation for manufacturing SME Nicab Ltd

Nicab Ltd, which niches in manufacturing high-end cable and wiring harnesses, has achieved Investors In People (IIP) accreditation – reflecting the importance it pays to the wellbeing of its employees. The company was awarded the accreditation after a rigorous assessment by IPP – an organisation originally founded by government to create a national standard of good practice for employee training and development.

Nicab MD Nick Locke enthused: “I am delighted that Nicab has been awarded an Investors In People accreditation – an independent verification that demonstrates just how seriously we take the wellbeing of our employees.

“A lot of it comes down to the values we have created, to ensure we are a company that is professional and inclusive. I’m very proud of my management team. The company has now grown to 28 people, where it’s too big for me to do certain things personally. I therefore have to rely on the management team and this shows how strong they are, how much they have employees’ wellbeing at front of mind and the great job they are doing.”

Part of IIP’s assessment of Nicab included selecting employees at random to interview them anonymously and in confidence about their experiences of working for Nicab.

Nick continued: “The feedback we received from IPP suggested we passed with flying colours based on what our employees told them which was really good to hear.”

He also explained how Nicab’s approach to employee wellbeing has resulted in greater motivation and output.

“We have a really effective pay matrix which is an incentive for employees to want to learn more and upskill because they can earn a higher wage. In most companies, you might be lucky to get a pay review just once a year. We do it twice a year. As a result, our entire workforce has upskilled since we put in proper pay scales. This means we are getting through the same amount of work more efficiently and that the quality of the work has gone up to an even higher level."

“Everyone understands that if they company is doing well then they are going to do well out of that – last month every person in the company received a bonus.”

Nick added: “The culture within any company is so important and we’ve improved that so much through experience. We have such a great energy – our people walk through the door wanting to be productive.”

Editor’s notes:

Nicab Ltd is located at the Silverstone technology park in Northamptonshire adjacent to the Silverstone F1 circuit. Its high-end cable and wiring harnesses are used extensively in harsh industrial environments such as defence, medical, shipping, emergency vehicles and water treatment centres. They are even used in mixing desks at major sporting events, such as America’s Super Bowl. The Investors In People accreditation adds to a globally-recognised International Patent Certification (IPC) awarded to it earlier this year. In 2023, Nicab Ltd won The Engineering Trust’s Apprentice Employer of the Year Award. It also holds a prestigious UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Accreditation – a globally recognised standard in wiring harness assembly.

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