ITN Business to showcase positive impact of manufacturing industry in new online show

ITN Business is set to showcase the positive impact of the manufacturing sector in ‘Manufacturing: Industry, Innovation and Impact’, a new online show which will launch on National Manufacturing Day, 26th September 2024.

The programme will examine the demand for UK manufactured goods and how technical advancements and digitalisation enable this. It will explore what the sector is doing to meet sustainability and net-zero targets, and the exciting array of careers and upskilling opportunities in manufacturing.

The show will also take a deep dive into how the industry is navigating global supply chain fragility and driving change through process, policies and people — while showcasing the organisations at the forefront of the manufacturing sector.

‘Manufacturing: Industry, Innovation and Impact’ will be presented by news broadcaster and journalist, Nadira Tudor, in ITN's London studio, and feature editorial contributions from senior opinion leaders from Made in Britain and across the manufacturing sector.

The show is being produced in collaboration with Made in Britain and the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA).

There are commercial opportunities for Made in Britain members to be featured in the programme and spearhead their own news items. If your organisation wants to share what you stand for and be part of this important conversation, please contact ITN Business’ Programming Directors, and

View a preview of this exciting new manufacturing series below:

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