UK businesses rally behind Made in Britain movement, reports ITN

ITN Business has cited Made in Britain's fifth annual Buying British Survey, quoting the headline figure that 6 in 10 businesses now prefer to purchase products made within the UK which, they say, will drive a shift in purchasing that could improve the UK's economy and job market.

In the article, ITN quote Made in Britain CEO, John Pearce (pictured) who said: "British businesses across the economy have been shifting their focus towards purchasing more UK-manufactured products because they want to support the domestic economy. At the same time, they are increasingly engaged with improving their sustainability practices and looking at the social value of their procurement policies."

"Central to this trend (buying British demand at UK companies) is the recognition of the Made in Britain Trademark, which serves as a symbol of authenticity and quality assurance. Nearly 80% of UK companies today recognise the official Made in Britain Trademark, with two-thirds of businesses reporting that they’re more inclined to purchase products that bear it, highlighting its role as a catalyst for consumer confidence and brand loyalty," reports ITN.

Read the article in full on ITN's website.

By Made in Britain 3 months ago | Media coverage

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