JET PRESS Manufacturing is Proud to be a Made in Britain Member

Proud to be Made in Britain Member

In today's globalised world, it can be difficult to know exactly where a product comes from. But it doesn't have to be this way. I'm excited to announce that we're now a Made in Britain Member!

Why are we proud to be Made in Britain Member?

Made in Britain membership brings the British manufacturing community together. It’s an independent, non-profit organisation that supports British manufacturers under a single, registered collective mark. This mark represents a standard of quality and unity for the British manufacturing sector within the UK and around the world.

Made in Britain Code of conduct

As part of the Made in Britain membership, organisations have to prove, wherever possible, that products made in Britain are of high quality, represent value for money and safe to use. Companies that manufacture products must adhere to the highest business standards.

British manufacturing is synonymous with quality and reliability. Sourcing from British manufacturers ensures products can be sourced closer to home thus avoiding global supply chain problems.

Proud to be British

We are proud to be a British company, proud to be British owned and we're determined that our customers are always happy to do business with us. Our company values are People, Longevity and Community. Working together with our customers and suppliers we endeavour to learn and continuously improve to provide confidence and trust in the quality of our products.

Want to know more about us?

Contact us, visit our website, alternatively send an email to or talk to an expert +44 1623 551 800

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