Laminate Lockers at Bombardier Services UK

Bombardier Services UK based in Biggin Hill is business related to aircraft services such as manufacturing business jets, services and repairs, and general aircraft expertise.  The modern office and manufacturing space aligns with the high-quality business jets that they design and produce.

Our team at Helmsman has manufactured and installed 40 two-compartment heavy-duty laminate lockers with the measurements to be 1900mm high, 300mm wide, and 450mm deep with the lockers to have sloped top-end panels to match the lockers that were manufactured and installed by Helmsman in 2022.

The laminate lockers were powder coated with Greenlam Primeval oak to match the light aesthetics of the room as well as to blend with the other lockers with the body of the locker to be ‘Ice’ which is a shade of grey. The laminate lockers were decorated with oval laminated number plates above the Camlocks made by Lowe & Fletcher. The locks are easy to use, with each staff member being allocated to their own lockers which would make the staff feel secure that their items are protected.

It was great to work with Bombardier Services UK again on the project. If you have a similar project or want to know more about laminate lockers, give us a call at 01284 530421.

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