Lawrence Newton our inspiration director share his personal story re Diabetes Type 1

Together, we can make a world of difference

With this emotional yet inspirational story Lawrence, our Director and  Unity Group hope to drive awareness of this debilitating disease - Diabetes Type 1 

This is very much a personal story, as our Director’s son, Oliver Newton, suffers with this terrible illness. Diagnosed at just 18 months’ old with Type 1 Diabetes.This is his story:

'On the 18th of March 2019, our little boy Oliver began to feel unwell, he was drinking lots of water and needed to go the toilet constantly. At the time we felt that perhaps he was under the weather, but as things worsened, my wife and I decided to call the paramedics. On arrival they suspected that Oliver was suffering with Type 1 Diabetes.'

Finding support and living life to the max

“Despite the daily turmoil of managing type 1, Oliver is the most caring, intelligent and confident boy. He thrives at school, has plenty of friends, is extremely sporty with gymnastics, football, and swim every week. He just takes every day in his stride. All of this would not have been the case had we not had the support of JDRF UK  who are committed to eradicating type 1 diabetes and supporting people living with it, plus our family and friends.

Read Lawrence's story here - 

Read the full story here and find out how you can get support if you are facing challenges with Diabetes Type 1. 

#WeAreOne – Join our campaign this Diabetes Awareness Week.

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