Leading separation solutions for coffee producers

Russell Finex offers a range of innovative machines to boost productivity and improve product quality of coffee products

With over 85 years of experience helping the food industry, Russell Finex understands the importance of quality and hygiene when it comes to food and beverage products. The company has helped many coffee manufacturers to achieve their production goals. From filtering liquid coffee, separating coffee beans and screening coffee granules, Russell Finex offers suitable equipment that increases production rates while minimizing waste.

A key example is how Russell Finex has helped leading coffee producer Realcafé Solúvel do Brasil to increase the productivity of its refined coffee production. Using the vibratory screener Russell Compact Sieve®, the refined coffee is screened, removing contaminants and safeguarding product quality while achieving zero waste.

For other coffee and food and beverage separation solutions, Russell Finex offers a range of screening, grading and filtration equipment to suit your specific production requirements. Established in 1934, the company has a proven history of meeting the high standards of the food industry while safeguarding hygiene standards.

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