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Russell Finex offers a range of effective wastewater screening solutions to minimize your environmental impact 

With growing concerns over the environment, companies across a range of industries are becoming more conscious of the impact of their wastewater. Over the years, Russell Finex has helped manufacturers to meet wastewater regulations while minimizing costs. Russell Finex machines are engineered to meet the varying degrees of effluent treatment necessary to reduce or avoid offsite disposal.

Specializing in proven separation equipment including sieves, separators and filters for high-performance wastewater screening, Russell Finex has helped companies such as Bristol Water to maximize its recovery of clean water. Using the Finex Separator™, it was able to separate debris, including minerals and leaves from its reservoir.

More recently, the centrifugal separator was successful in offering high-performance separation for a Belgian equestrian center. Using the separator, the center was able to effectively remove solids and contamination from its washwater, allowing it to be reused for hydrotherapy sessions. 

For other wastewater screening solutions, Russell Finex offers a range of screening, grading and filtration equipment to suit your specific production requirements. Established in 1934, the company has a proven history of helping companies to meet their wastewater disposal and recycling needs.

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