LFI commit to the SME Climate Hub

Climate action grows more critical by the day. Businesses, like ours, can play a huge role in helping to tackle the problem. It’s time we take action. It’s time we joined the fight against climate change.

We’re proud to announce that we've become the latest member of the SME Climate Hub community. This officially recognises our commitment to lowering our businesses’ environmental impact and our participation towards the UN’s Race to Zero campaign.

Team LFI doesn’t believe in doing things by half either. Until now. We’ve pledged to halve our emissions by 2030 (that’s a little over seven years from now, at the time of writing). We’ve also committed to becoming a carbon-neutral company - achieving net zero by 2050. To hit this lofty target, we’re working on implementing some high-impact changes that offer an immediate benefit to our environment, whilst also helping us to remain an effective and efficient business in the process.

Reducing our carbon footprint, and increasing the sustainability of our long-term business are the first steps in LFI’s race to zero. To do this, we’ve created a specialist Task Force - nicknamed ‘the force of nature’. Using the Force (no, Luke was not involved), we have already successfully researched the best pathway forward and set out lofty KPIs to achieve our goals. We’ve already started to determine the carbon footprint of each LFI product too and how to lower it, as well as how we can increase sustainability across our core range too.

The SME Climate Hub is a worldwide initiative between the We Mean Business Coalition, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative and the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, in collaboration with Normative and the Net Zero team at Oxford University.

It aims to empower small to medium-sized businesses to take action now, to build a resilient, more sustainable business for the future.
To see how we are helping to tackle climate change, read our Sustainability Policy.

These changes will help to cut manufacturing waste and increase the lifecycle of our already industry-leading products. The logistics of being Britain’s leading manufacturer of ladders, step ladders and access equipment also presents a challenge to climate change. But, Team LFI loves a challenge. Having worked closely with many courier and delivery services, we realised we couldn’t make the environmental gains we wanted. The result was to implement a more sustainable road forward ourselves. To tackle the problem head-on, we launched our very own courier service, Access Xpress. AX is a far more environmentally friendly choice for shipping access products straight from LFI factory lines, to our customer's doorsteps. With our very own highly trained Delivery Technicians, we have already reduced loss and eradicated transit damage. Plus, each Access Xpress route saves an average of at least 1kWh for every delivery.

Already, we are making great strides forward in the Race to Zero. Our commitment to the SME Climate Hub is a statement of intent, one we hope sets an example to other manufacturers and encourages similar businesses, to take steps forward to help protect our planet.

Play your part. Be environmentally conscious. Help fight climate change.

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