LifeSaver launches in Uruguay

URUGUAY hardly makes it to the news here in the UK. The low-profile South American nation, nested between giants Argentina and Brazil, is exceptional in many ways. Its current management of the Covid-19 pandemic make it a regional star, for example, and its literacy, democracy, transparency, press freedom and human development standards make it “the New Zealand of South America”, as some often say.

Poor quality water is not a common problem in Uruguay, not at least when compared to the rest of the region. However, there are places where pure water that is safe to drink is just not available, and occasions where Uruguayans find themselves away from the water network. Uruguayans love camping and outdoor life in general. They are also conscious that pure water is a must for families, at work, when relaxing, studying or travelling. Uruguayans live in one of the most developed countries in Latin America, and they are used to good-quality water and value it immensely.

Therefore, launching in Uruguay was a challenge that we particularly welcomed here at LifeSaver. Understanding the market and finding a partner that would understand how to sell our products was key and for that we employed consultancy Sunny Sky Solutions and worked with them over a year to study regional markets, identify partners, and offer us sales and marketing support as we expand throughout the region. It’s still early stages, but we already know that our distributor was impressed not only by the technical quality of our products but also by the exquisite branding, including the Made in Britain marque that accompanies all our marketing efforts. “British manufacturing is highly regarded in Latin America and it’s worth shouting about the origin of our products”, Ian Selby, Export Sales Manager, summed up, “we take our global marketing very seriously and invest heavily on it, we are delighted to be landing in Uruguay with our portable water purification solutions”.

With support from HQ and our team in Latin America, our distributors in the region will be able to display the Made in Britain marque not only in all the packaging but also on digital media as well as at trade shows (Uruguay’s trade show agenda for 2021 is already on its way). The professionally-designed marque contributes to giving the brand a polished look and communicate the product’s origin succinctly and effectively. Uruguayans can now benefit from the best in water purification. And it’s Made in Britain.

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