Lockdown has helped our sales double

With the risk of Covid-19 transmission people have reduced the frequency of their visits to the shops - and key for many households is having their milk and a few other essentials delivered to their door every day or so. Consequently we've been swamped with interest for our Milksafes. The main issue reported to us when we answer the phone is that their milk is being stolen. For others their milk bottles are meddled with by birds and other animals. For some they also want to protect eggs and bread, or a non-standard size bottle of juice.

Milksafes originated from the same problem - a clever cat in our own neighbourhood knew that all he had to do was tip a milk bottle over... and out poured a lovely fresh drink. Every morning. So, being a joiner myself, I made a Milksafe. Then my wife suggested this problem must be commonplace. I was good with web sites so I copied "one I had made earlier" and within a week I had my first customer. Three web sites later... we think we've made over 4,000, every one to order.

We tried selling them on ebay - but we soon learned that every customer is different and ebay simply could not help in this respect. The basic design has barely changed, but we've added different models to cope with different milk bottle sizes and different situations. The most elaborate was a wall mounted cabinet made for a London City office (for 20 glass milk bottles), while the largest was for a school. I could get inside it! Over the years our choice of materials has improved significantly and now make us genuinely proud. And we've had repeat customers.

We also tried meeting the nationwide community of milkmen, and talking direct to some dairies. Surprisingly we see things one way, they see things another way. So we continue to serve the end user, hearing their stories and being delighted at their relief for having found exactly the solution to their doorstep disasters!

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