Luma³ Triumphs in Realising the Remarkable Programme

Mind Body Goals, the innovative wellness company, is thrilled to announce its recognition as one of the 20 small businesses chosen to receive a share of the £150,000 grant from the "Realising the Remarkable" programme, a joint venture between Enterprise Nation and VistaPrint. 

Mind Body Goals, the creator of Luma³, has caught the attention of the judging panel with its unique blend of technology, wellness, and social responsibility. Luma³ is a beautifully designed screen-free, account-free gadget that guides mindful breathing exercises using calming light and colour, and has been making waves in the wellness sector. 

"We are thrilled to be recognised for this award," said Michael Crinnion, founder of Mind Body Goals. "In Luma³, we have a great product which only recently launched onto the market, and this award will help us get the word out faster and to a wider audience."

With a Japandi-inspired design and crafted from high-quality materials in the UK, the Luma³ device embodies the company's commitment to both mental wellbeing and environmental sustainability. Mind Body Goals is proud to be certified as Carbon Neutral and all Luma³ devices come in plastic-free packaging.

Moreover, the company shows its dedication to young people's mental health through the 10:1 Initiative. For every ten units sold, Mind Body Goals donates one free unit to a school, college or university. "As our business grows, so does the social impact we can have. We have already supported thousands of students through this programme, and this grant will help us drive sales and support even more," added Crinnion.

Mind Body Goals plans to use the grant to produce high-quality video tutorials and resources for its customers, further enhancing the user experience of Luma³. The videos will also support the company's school initiative, strengthening its commitment to mental health in young people.

Crinnion's commitment to mental health is not just professional but deeply personal. Drawing from two decades of experience living with an anxiety disorder, he recently released a new e-book, "5 Ways To Win Against Anxiety," freely available on the Luma website. 

"This grant will be a game-changer," Crinnion says. "We're so excited about what we're going to be able to accomplish, and we're incredibly grateful for the opportunity."

For more information about Mind Body Goals and the Luma³ device, please visit www.luma³.uk. For media inquiries or opportunities, please contact

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