Mackwell Health collaborates with Corpro to produce innovative, sustainable respiratory solutions for healthcare

Mackwell Health, part of the Mackwell Group, has formed a partnership with the UK respiratory protection specialist Corpro, formally Core Protection Systems, to enable the development and distribution of user-centric respiratory systems for the healthcare market. 

The pandemic has plummeted the world of personal protective equipment (PPE), and more prominently respiratory protective equipment (RPE), into the spotlight. As a by-product of this, the conversations surrounding the adequacy, suitability and potential impacts of RPE, particularly in the healthcare environment, have never been so commonplace. 

A mask’s protection level and fit are paramount, but more and more thought is being given to the potential long-term negative impacts of certain types of masks, such as the gradual mounting costs and waste generated by surgical and other disposable masks such as FFP3s. These concerns are valid, and they need to be considered when producing RPE in the future. 

Through Mackwell Health’s and Corpro’s partnership, the objective is to address such issues and give healthcare professionals the choice of a comfortable, sustainable solution with exceptional protection.  

Corpro are UK producers of high-quality reusable half masks, full face masks and various filters, along with an ever-growing range of medical accessories. Corpro’s respirators and filtration products are both easy to decontaminate and fully maintainable. Imminently, Corpro will be releasing a number of healthcare-centric and equally sustainable respiratory systems, including solutions which ensure protection for both mask wearers and patients, streamlined and lower profile mask alternatives, as well as innovative yet affordable positive-pressure products. Mackwell Health will be a distributor of all of these products, as well as being the creator of the ProtectivAir® UV-powered respirator system which also incorporates a new generation of Corpro half mask. 

A potential worry which has been cited by healthcare workers regarding the adoption of reusable RPE is the more rigorous cleaning protocols. Hence, both businesses will also be working together to validate new methods of between-use RPE decontamination, as well as continuing to provide comprehensive maintenance guidance and support. 

But the relationship between Mackwell Health and Corpro does not stop there. Corpro is under the same management and shares many of the same team members as The Filter Design Company, a highly reputable UK filtration business. Mackwell Health is additionally working with The Filter Design Company to develop and manufacture the highest quality filters for ProtectivAIR®, helping to ensure that their safety-critical powered systems are as protective as they can possibly be. 

Mackwell Health and Corpro are excited to collaborate for years to come to help drive and create positive changes in the healthcare market. More information will follow in the coming months about both companies’ developments and joint endeavours.

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