Made in Britain calls for travel and international news from members

MADE in Britain wants to continue to increase its support for members’ international business development and sales, building on the ongoing work of the Made in Britain International Trade Programme.  
To help increase the visibility and recognition of the Made in Britain collective mark, we invite members to share more international news, via the Made in Britain member news section.  That might be news of a new contract, media coverage, an export award, planned business travel or attendance at an overseas trade fair.
Made in Britain is keen to see, hear about and share it all.  The more you know about what you have upcoming over the next few weeks, in terms of travel and news, the more Made in Britain is likely to be able to do.
News will at minimum be shared via Made in Britain’s social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Made in Britain has thousands of followers on each - and numbers continue to grow.
Where relevant, in addition Made in Britain will also share news with:
> Made Britain's PR team, for them to consider what media coverage they may be able to help generate.
> The UK government’s Department for International Trade teams based in the relevant country/region, in case there may be further support they can provide.
If for any reason you don’t feel your news or travel offers enough content for a news story, please also feel free to tag Made in Britain in any social media posts you post.

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To make contact with Made in Britain in relation to interaction trade, please email:

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