Made in Britain revises code of conduct to encourage British-first procurement policy

MADE in Britain has made changes to the code of conduct that all members are expected to follow.

The changes include a recommendation that all members seek British-based suppliers when procuring components and raw materials. While Made in Britain recognises that it won't be possible or practical to use British suppliers in every case, the organisation feels that British companies should be considered and that British-made goods are chosen whenever the situation permits.

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, said, "Procurement is one of the key areas we will be looking at over the coming months and I have always believed that British companies should be in the running to supply fellow British makers, and also for contracts where public money is being spent. I realise that it won't always be possible to source British-made supplies, but I do want to see the possibilities being explored more often."

This change is in keeping with the organisation's stated policy, which now forms part of item 11 of the revised code of conduct: "Members of Made in Britain are expected to explore all reasonable options to trade with fellow members and other British suppliers and manufacturers. The Made in Britain mark helps make it easier to identify and buy products made closer to home. Made in Britain encourages members, government, local authorities, buyers, specifiers and the general public to purchase more British-made products from its members and other British makers."

The previous item 11 dealt with the politicising of the Made in Britain organisation and mark. This has now been incorporated into item eight.

Members can download the new version of the code of conduct from the downloads section in the members' area. They will have to be logged-in to their account to access it.

By Made in Britain 6 months ago | Made in Britain news

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