Made in Britain Impact Awards are a beacon of inspiration

British industry, throughout history has been at the forefront of innovation. Sadly during the industrial revolution and into the 20th century the environmental impacts of our manufacturing have had lasting consequences on our environment. With COP 27 on the horizon it is a reminder of what is at stake and the Made In Britain Impact Awards are a beacon of inspiration. British industry remains at the forefront of innovation and has the opportunity to lead the way in achieving sustainable change. That’s why I’m delighted to be supporting the Impact Awards this year, to shine a light on those who are leading the way, driving innovation and creating impactful change.
At the Soil Association Certification Ltd we work with thousands of producers and processors in the UK who seek to certify their products as sustainable (either as organic, FSC or PEFC). Listening to consumers, we know that they are increasingly seeking trusted sustainability standards in their purchasing and alongside this a desire to source locally and ‘made in Britain’ has a powerful impact on consumer choice. British manufacturing has the ability to rise to the environmental challenge and consumers are seeking that, from their products. We need to join the dots so I’m really looking forward to celebrating those in British manufacturing who are leading the way to look after our planet.

The awards will be held on Thursday 1st December. Book your tickets to attend the Made in Britain Impact Awards via Zoom.  

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