Made in Britain is a sustainable choice

By Minnie Moll, Judge for the Impact Awards 2023. 

When the Design Council was created in 1944 to help build back after the second World War, we were transitioning from a wartime economy to a consumer society.  80 years later we find ourselves needing to urgently transition from a consumer society to a sustainable society.  The irony is not lost on us that design and innovation, businesses and brands have been responsible for depleting the earth’s natural resources and creating the climate crisis we now face.

We transitioned in 1944 and we can transition now. We must. 

The UK continues to be a world leader in design and innovation, and we have incredible creativity and resilience. Just look at our innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in response to covid, and how quickly we moved.  All that pivoting we did. 

It is businesses and brands that are going to drive the green transition, with the sustainable products and services of the future.  We need to make good choices easy, affordable and desirable. And create a positive future that is hopeful not hairshirt.

I’m delighted to be involved in the Impact Awards and excited to see the examples of outstanding British business and manufacturing. It is so important to shine a light on those that are leading the way and delivering impact. And in doing so, remind people that choosing Made in Britain is a sustainable choice; for jobs, the economy, carbon footprint, self-sufficiency, and pride.

Minnie Moll
Chief Executive, The Design Council

Minnie Moll is Chief Executive of the Design Council. Since joining in 2021, she has led the organisation’s new mission: Design for Planet, which aims to support and galvanise the 1.79 million people in the UK design sector to put planet at the heart of their work. 

She was previously Chief Executive of retail businesses including the £350m turnover East of England Co-op. In her time at the Co-op they won Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Business of the Year’, and returned £millions back into the local community through their Sourced Locally initiative, supporting local producers and cutting food miles. She is a great believer that business should do well and do good.

Minnie’s early career was in brand, advertising, design, and innovation. She was global Marketing Director of leading innovation company ?What If! that won Sunday Times ‘Best Place to Work in the UK’ two years running, so she is passionate about culture.

Minnie was voted Vistage UK Business Leader of the Year in 2020. She was appointed by HRH Prince Charles in 2016 as his Ambassador for Responsible Business in the East of England as part of Business in the Community.  Minnie is a qualified Transformational Coach with a focus on supporting women in business.

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