Made in Britain Member, Occles launches new eyewear in Las Vegas

Made in Britain member, Occles, an innovative new eyewear brand has successfully launched itself to the US trade market at a world-leading industry exhibition in Las Vegas.

Occles, the brainchild of Scottish couple Hugh Robertson and Lynne McLeod, met with a number of major retailers at the Travel Goods Show 2015 interested in stocking the ‘ultimate eyeshades’. The company is also negotiating a licensing agreement proposal with a US travel goods retailer. Occles wrap around the head blocking out light. There is no bridge over the nose to save unsightly tan marks and dents.

Hugh said: “We have had a fantastic month with Occles celebrating two major milestones in our young company’s development. We were delighted and overwhelmed by the response by industry to our innovative product and the reception we received. Securing Stateside contracts will be a major coup for us as we continue to build the potential marketplace for Occles.

The research, design and manufacture of Occles has all been completed in the UK – a factor Hugh believes adds to the quality of the finished product. He added:  “It was important for us to use the wealth of talent on offer in the UK and develop a truly British product. This has given us far more control over the quality and development which is vitally important when creating a brand new product.”

Hugh and partner Lynne came up with the idea for Occles while on a beach in Greece three years ago. They noticed people were using towels to cover their eyes from the bright sunshine.

They discovered there was no other bridgeless design on the market like Occles. The eyeseals on the innovative product allow the wearer to open and close their eyes while blocking out strong light and harmful UV rays aiding total relaxation.

Lynne said:  “The sun’s strong glare penetrates through sunglasses lenses which causes you to frown. No-one wants white frown lines or panda eyes after a day relaxing – we want a nice, healthy and even glow all over having protected our skin. Occles protect the delicate skin around your eyes.

“I’m very conscious of eye health and feel there is a lack of awareness on it. As well as beauty purposes, there is also an important role for Occles to play in aiding relaxation which is so important for our mental and physical wellbeing.

“We’ve designed Occles to look stylish, feel comfortable and, most importantly, protect your eyes. It is fantastic that we are now on the next step of our journey so people all over the world can benefit from this product.”

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