Made in Britain member receives accolade in Music Teacher Awards for Excellence

The 4-hole Oc from Made in Britain member, Ocarina Workshop was announced as the first winner in the new category of 'Best Music Education Product' at the recent Music Teacher Awards for Excellence, 2015.

Made in Britain, and played in primary schools throughout the UK and around the world, the 4-hole Oc is the result of over 30 years continuous development at Ocarina Workshop by Northamptonshire teachers David and Christa Liggins.

The new category for a "physical product that is giving new opportunities and possibilities to the effectiveness of learning" attracted five strong finalists ranging from clarinets to the latest in music technology.

David Liggins, director of Ocarina Workshop commented: "Teachers and children demonstrate the brilliance of the 4-hole Oc in their music lessons every day. We are delighted that this recognition paves the way for ever greater musical success for children and teachers in years to come".

The 4-hole Oc has been made in the UK for four generations. With raised rims to the fingerholes, a lip-guard and finger-rest, these colourful instruments have been specifically designed for maximum success with any age of player, and are played in over 4,000 UK Primary Schools.

The English 4-hole Oc was invented in London in 1963 by John Taylor. The four holes of the Oc offer a full chromatic octave of accurately tuned notes using just the first two fingers of each hand.

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