Made in Britain product directory goes live

WHAT is probably the biggest initiative so far from Made in Britain, its searchable illustrated product directory is live now. 

The product directory is the showcase for all products made by members of Made in Britain and those members are now being encouraged to add their merchandise to the database. The process of adding the products to the directory is quick and easy, with text input fields to help make adding product descriptions very simple. Photos can be added, as can links to sites that offer the products for sale. Once added, the items can be found by visitors to the Made in Britain website, alerted by the PR activity that accompanies the launch.

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, said, "Made in Britain was founded on a belief that more people want to find and buy more British products. Our annual survey tells us this demand is growing and we have seen many searches on the Made in Britain website that focus on products. Our website has traditionally focused on the companies that make things in Britain, now we have a product directory that will truly help those companies to sell more."

Mr Pearce is now keen to see more of his almost 1,500 members adding up to 25 of their products to the directory to make the feature useful and valuable to visitors who come looking for British things to buy.

"The success of this initiative is totally dependent on how well it is supported by members. We have companies making things in more than 60 sectors and every one of those product sectors should be represented on the directory," said Mr Pearce. "Prospective buyers will come to the directory with high expectations, so we don't want to let them down. I have great confidence that our members will respond to this fantastic opportunity."

Made in Britain members who want to add their products to the new Made in Britain product directory should log-in to the members' area where they will see a new button, Products, added to the feature navigation dashboard, here:

From this button the process is fairly self-explanatory but website content editor Martyn Moore advised a bit of preparation. "Have your product descriptions handy in a simple text editor. You can write them in Word but you should copy and paste those descriptions into a text editor like Notepad, or TextEdit on a Mac, before adding them to the website," he said. "Images should be 800 x 800 pixels and thumbnails for those images should be 420 x 420 pixels and all images should be less than 5MB. A little bit of time spent on preparation of your text and images will pay off when members go to the website to upload them."

There is a full guide to uploading products to the product directory at this link, but you need to be logged-in as a member to download it:

Click here to visit and search the Made in Britain product directory.

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