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Only 4 in 10 British companies have UK procurement targets

The Manufacturing & Engineering magazine (MEM) has featured a double-page spread about various key findings from the 4th annual Made in Britain Buying British Survey 2023. 

The article discusses the lack of companies who have British procurement targets in place, despite around half of the country's businesses (47%) and even more of the public (58%) saying they prefer to buy products that have been manufactured in the UK, research which came from the Made in Britain Buying British survey.

Made in Britain CEO, John Pearce, said, "more companies need to step up - buying British is key to helping drive the UK economy out of the slump it's in and avoid slipping into recession"

The article also talks about supply chain localisation to avoid international disruptions and delays, and the importance of the Made in Britain mark, John said, " There's great demand for British goods among businesses and consumers alike".

Read the full MEM article here (page 62-23)

By Made in Britain 1 year ago | Media coverage

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