Made Smarter support for UK manufacturers

Made Smarter is a UK-government backed initiative that aims to improve the competitiveness, increase exports, and productivity of UK manufacturers and supply chains through fully-funded access to support, guidance and grant funding for the adoption of industrial digital technologies.
Made Smarter was created following an industry-led review of how UK manufacturing industries can prosper through digital tools and innovation.
The initiative focuses support for UK manufacturers on four key areas:
1. Leadership - More ambitious, informed, and focused leadership for digitalisation.
2. Adoption - More widespread adoption of technology across supply chains, especially amongst SME makers.  Made Smarter understands that adopting new technology can be daunting but the initiative is open to support Made in Britain members throughout their journey to digitalisation.
3. Innovation - Faster innovation and creation of new tech, new companies and value-streams.
4. Skills - Upskilling workforces and identifying future skills.  Made Smarter can support Made in Britain companies and their workforce to get the most from digital tools and help begin the journey towards digitalisation.
For more information and to sign-up for support, including access to grant funding, Made in Britain members can go to Made Smarter.
Made in Britain's work to support members to sell more of what they make includes direct and practical relationships with the UK government and the UK’s leading political parties. 
For more information, please email Made in Britain on:

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