Manthorpe Launches Next Generation Radiator Pipe Guide & Seal!

The all-new GRS-Duo from Manthorpe is the result of extensive research and development to ensure that plumbing engineers, specifiers and developers can maximise their time, increase their profits and significantly reduce call-backs.

As housebuilders have sought to limit the loss of generated warm air from dwellings, numerous problem areas have been identified within new build properties. One such area being the penetration created behind radiators by modern plastic pipework.

To combat this problem, Manthorpe began working alongside leading housebuilders to develop a tailor-made solution, the GRS Radiator Pipe Guide & Seal range.

Since 2006 Manthorpe has strengthened the GRS range, creating multiple, innovative products to meet changing standards and processes within the industry.

Building on the legacy of our existing range of GRS products and with over 15 years of experience to draw on, Manthorpe has designed the GRS-DUO an innovative ‘twin plate’ system which sees both plates working in conjunction with each other, each specifically tailored to meet the needs of both the first and second fix plumbing phases.

The quick, and easy to install GRS-DUO, adds another layer to the unseen work that radiator pipe guides and seals do within the construction of a home; offering improved positioning and fixing versatility along with a more robust seal to further ensure that air leakage behind every radiator is drastically reduced.

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