GDPR spells out great provenance marketing

Post-GDPR marketing opportunities - the MiB guide. 
GDPR – the four letters that seem to have taken over every business in Britain. Over 61% of SMEs have spent at least a year preparing for the new regulations, spending on average 12 hours a week checking processes to make sure they will be compliant. If a post-GDPR world has left you feeling worried about deadlines or just downright confused, this blog post is for you. In this guide, we reveal how you can use GDPR to your advantage and revitalise your marketing strategy in the process.

Take the opportunity to re-introduce your brand
Around 90% of businesses say deleting customer data will be a difficult and time-consuming challenge. But to overcome this attitude, it’s important to recognise the need for GDPR regulations in the first place. From the daily onslaught of spam emails to the media stories of leaked personal details, discretion and integrity are becoming increasingly important to consumers everywhere. With this in mind, take the opportunity to reassess what your customers are really asking you for.

It’s never been more important to be transparent with your customers. In fact, 86% of consumers said authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. The best way to do this is to show your face (literally). Why not film a quick Facebook Live video or add an updated group snap on your website? Showing there are real people behind your brand is the best way to reassure your customer in a post-GDPR world.

Experiment with video marketing
Provenance and craftsmanship have emerged as two of the biggest marketing trends of the past few years. Post-GDPR, it’s these trends that will help to show your customers the human side of your brand. The modern consumer is more detail-oriented than ever, wanting to know where (and how) each element of a product is created. Whether they’re looking to be more sustainable or simply have an aspirational story to tell their friends, consumers now put provenance on a par with price and quality.

Whether you’re a decades-old independent brand or a family firm that began life in a garden shed, your customers are crying out to hear your story. And what’s the best way to show them exactly who you are? Pick up the camera and start filming.

From a behind-the-scenes tour of your factory to a Q&A with the CEO, there are loads of creative ways to harness the power of video. Want to share your provenance story with the world but struggling to fit video marketing into your schedule? Book a media room slot at our next workshop by emailing 

You can download last month's Golden Section in the #1000makers Newsletter - the MiB beginners' Guide to Using Video in Marketing.

Revamp your newsletter
Disappointed that hundreds of valuable contacts have opted out of receiving your newsletter? Put those hurt feelings aside and remember the old saying, ‘quality over quantity’. The reality is, your mailing list is now filtered down into an engaged audience that do want to hear from you (and are therefore more likely to actually buy from you). To make the most of this engaged audience post-GDPR, you’ll need to send emails your customers actually want to open.

Our tip for creating thumb-stopping content? Use resources on sites such as MailChimp for tips on subject lines, A/B testing and the best features for SMEs. What are you waiting for? Nab your marketing team and get cracking on your most effective newsletter ever.

Tell us how you’ve used GDPR to your advantage
If your social media feeds are thriving or you’re getting the highest newsletter open rates in the history of your business, we want to hear from you. Tell us your tips for creating an impactful post-GDPR marketing strategy on Twitter and we’ll share them.

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