A new career and business success came at the flick of a switch for Reg Clark. Not that it was instant, but when he flicked on his TV Set on the evening of Thursday 19th September 1955, the first picture from the brand new Independent Television Authority filled the Screen.
Nobody else in the area was able to receive the new commercial station because the distance was too great and although at least one TV dealer tried, he was not successful. Mr Clark, who at the time was a Sales Representative for Symingtons Soup, decided to take up the challenge!
Knowing very little about TV reception or aerials, Mr Clark went down to the local radio show  with a ruler and pen and took away some measurements of an aerial and built a prototype. The aerial was hoisted up above his existing Norwich aerial and bingo, transmissions from over 100 miles away could be viewed!

Established in 1964, by founder Mr Clark, Maxview Ltd started life as a small company on the outskirts of Kings Lynn, Norfolk. As the business’s reputation has grown in strength over the years, the company has become the leading UK manufacturer of mobile products exporting to Australia, New Zealand and Brazil along with many European countries, which is continuing to grow.
Allan Clark Director said that “We are very happy to be celebrating 55 years, proud of our history, we have been investing heavily in optimising the product development from design to the manufacturing stage. We create high quality, reputable and lasting products and this year opens another new chapter of innovation bringing GPS and smart technology to our satellite systems.
The ultimate Satellite System wherever your adventures takes you.

Find out more about Maxview Ltd on their member profile page here

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