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Hollingworth Design Limited have introduced a meet the team program to give you a greater insight into who you are talking with. Following the initial interview, we will also do a Q&A section with all our employees.

Here we are starting with Dr Kris Hyde. Kris is not just our General Manager but is also one of the UK's leading experts in Hydrogen Engineering. He spent 14 years working at ITM Power PLC, Europe's largest electrolyser manufacturer.

Kris now offers consultancy services on hydrogen technology and engineering which include:

  • Advice on the hydrogen market: Trends, opinions on leading companies, their products and plans
  • Independant advice on the best method of approaching designs for hydrogen systems and expected budgets
  • The writing of requests for tenders, so companies wishing to purchase hydrogen equipment ask those tendering to supply answers to the most pertinent questions
  • The complete design of hydrogen systems including modelling to determine equipment throughputs and capacities. This is particularly important for hydrogen refuelling stations to ensure adequate capacity
  • Techno-economic modelling to provide business cases
  • This advice is available for:
    • Individual pieces of equipment (electrolysers, fuel cells, hydrogen storage and renewables)
    • Hydrogen refuelling stations
    • Fuel cell cars, buses, ships, trucks and trains
    • Direct connection to renewable sources (wind, solar, wave, tidal etc)
    • Hydrogen energy storage
    • Power to gas, power to liquids and the the wider power to X

While most other consultancies can only offer advice, Kris operates within the wider HDL company and thus, we can physically design, machine parts, assemble and test whole hydrogen systems.

For further information, please contact or call 0161 474 7339

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