Meet Jensen!

Jensen joined OPT in September for his placement year as part of his degree in Design Engineering at Bournemouth University. Through people he met at university, Jensen formed a connection to Plunkett Associates who agreed with Phil Barker, MD at OPT Services that it would be beneficial for him to carry out his placement working alongside Craig Fotheringham. This way he would get first hand experience of not only designing products but seeing them come in to reality using various methods including our own in house 3D printing and prototyping lab as well as external partners like #HREngineering. We hope to be able to provide Jensen with a range of experience, not only with engineering but also within the workplace. 

We asked Jensen 10 questions to get to know him better...

1. What is your job role at OPT? - Assistant Applications Engineer
2. What does your role entail? - I help to design, implement, and test new ideas as well as developing existing products. This is part of OPT's Research and Development process.
3. Which aspect of the job are you excited about? - I am excited to learn and expand on my skills whilst getting to experience a working environment.
4. What have you enjoyed so far? - I’ve had a great time in the last couple of weeks, the team is friendly, and I feel as if I have settled in instantly. I am really enjoying the work and I am learning new things every day. 
5. What have you not enjoyed so far? - Other than the pains of cycling to work everyday and the limited culinary selection, there are no negative aspects so far.
6. How do you spend your free time? - I spend most of my free time exercising, drawing, and designing widgets to be 3D printed.
7. What is the best day you’ve had so far? - The trip to Connected Britain London where I was able to get to know the team better and be introduced to customers and suppliers in the industry.
8. Who do you work closest with? Craig Fotheringham
9. What 3 words would you use to describe what working with Craig Fotheringham is like? Jolly, knowledgeable, and insightful!
10. What are your plans for after university? - My current plan is to become an incorporated engineer within the next 8 years, which includes completing a Masters Degree in Engineering.

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