MGR Foamtex signs with Biomaster

Addmaster is delighted to announce that it has signed a strategic agreement with MGR Foamtex Ltd. for the use of Biomaster antimicrobial technology in its new MGRSafeWall™ product range.

Developed specifically in response to the threat of Covid-19, MGRSafeWall™ utilises the proven properties of Biomaster to provide long-term inherent protection against a wide range of viral and microbial threats. The MGRSafeWall™ product range of soft furnishings will be available for new, upgrade, and existing aircraft cabin products.

Surfaces treated with Biomaster technology are proven to reduce the microbial load and the opportunities for cross contamination and provide an important second line of defence in addition to regular cleaning protocols. The active antimicrobial agent is built into the product during the manufacturing process, so the product protection is effective 24/7 for the useful lifetime of the item.

Commenting on this landmark deal, Les Simpson, MGR Foamtex CEO stated ‘The whole team at MGR Foamtex is excited by this agreement and the opportunity to bring real value to the airline industry. Working with the team at Biomaster, we will use our aviation expertise to transfer technology and to bring a fantastic and well-established product into the sector. MGRSafeWall™ will allow our customers to address both the current threat of Coronavirus and deliver long term value through permanently enhanced cabin hygiene.’

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