Monitoring far more than Machine Utilisation

Monitoring far more than Machine Utilisation - Subscription Free. Don’t settle for less.

We are aware that manufacturers are becoming more focussed on optimising productivity by investing in production monitoring software showing the utilisation of their machines. Whilst knowing if a machine is running or stopped is useful, machines running too slowly or producing too much scrap dramatically reduce your productive output. Measuring utilisation tells you nothing about these essential factors of productivity. DATAHONE’s ‘Intelligent Factory’ is the ‘gold standard’ of production monitoring systems, delivering up-to-the-minute detail on all aspects of production performance, and focussed not on utilisation but OEE (utilisation x speed x yield).

Take a look at our checklist detailing the features of the 3 configurations of ‘Intelligent Factory’ software. We encourage you to compare these to your existing monitoring system, and where you currently have gaps compared to DATAHONE we would like to talk with you, as there is productivity £’s being lost.

DATAHONE’s ‘Intelligent Factory’ is designed and engineered in the UK, by manufacturing engineers with decades of experience. ‘Intelligent Factory’ is used by large enterprises and SMEs alike, from precision engineering to bottling plants.

DATAHONE software is charged as a ‘one-off’ with no annual renewals, the cost of which is often similar to a single year’s subscription of inferior utilisation monitoring systems. This is an opportunity for you to measure real productivity while reducing your overall cost of ownership.

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