multiPad Charging Trolley System

Allow us to introduce you to the newest addition to the multiPad range of products, The multiPad Charging Trolley System. Like all our other multiPad products, it is designed & manufactured by Protechnic in Bristol, United Kingdom.

We offer a modular system enabling a combination of USB & USB-C hubs in both the 32 & 48 port options.
The multiPad Charging Trolley System is designed with the following features;

• USB & USB-C options with mains or hub charging.
• Available in 16, 32 & 48 port configurations.
• Capacity to Charge & Sync up to 48 devices simultaneously.
• Intelligent charging; Will charge at maximum rate; once fully charged, the hub will go into trickle charge mode, ensuring the device is fully charged and can be left on charge. All devices will be charged in the quickest time possible as per the manufacturer’s specification, which is the same as individually charging via a wall socket.
• Panel mounted LED for each device for easy visibility of charging status.
• Cable management system.
• Based on the industry-standard 19” rack.
• Secure locking with combination & standard lock.
• All cabinets are shipped fully assembled.

For more information, please get in touch on 01275 811 310 or alternatively email us at

Find out more about Protechnic Ltd on their member profile page here

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