MumPod® Launches May 2022

I am Rosamund McFadden RM IBCLC and the founder of MumPod Company Limited. As a child I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and I replied, a furniture designer. I love colour, design, textures, and trends and so it has been an absolute dream come true to be designing my own (rather large) piece of furniture, the MumPod® 48 years later. This May is when I close the loop on my desires and fulfil the ambition of the little freckly, scrawny ginger haired girl to design furniture. Oh yes and I happen to be a registered midwife and International Board Lactation Consultant and Mum of four.

I am so proud that the first installation of one of our pods will be in the East of England in Colchester and Ipswich hospitals where I used to be a member if the National Infant Feeding Network (NIFIN). To be working with such a forward thinking, inclusive employer and service provider is a privilege. East Suffolk and Northeast Essex NHS Foundation Trust have a dynamic infant feeding team and a senior leadership of equality advocates who have ensured the procurement of a pod for each hospital site using the #gendernuetral branding MyPod. This was something we were delighted to accommodate to ensure all staff and service users who may need the facility no matter their #genderidentity feel included and comfortable.

The design, colour palate and feel of the MyPod, has culminated in a modern piece of design that will attract the millennial parent and compliment any building. The overarching aim of the project was to support breastfeeding parents to achieve the longevity of their goals to nourish and protect theirs and their childs’ health for as long as they wish. The World Health Organisation recommend exclusive breast milk for the first 6 month of an infant’s life, then alongside other fluids and foods for 12 months but to continue for two years or beyond, however there are a lack of strategies to support this.

At MumPod® Company Limited we are supporting the health of parents and babies one pod at a time and ESNEFT are trailblazers in this effort.

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