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As we get closer to the end of the year, we get excited about the leaves changing colour, enjoy hot chocolates and look forward to the festive season. There’s nothing better than an Autumnal walk with your bestie, warm coat on, fresh breeze in your face. Refreshing drink at the end and maybe a lovely warm bath.!!! Did you think I meant you? Human Bestfriend? No, your Canine Bestie that loves you unconditionally. Your Dog. Your friend. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you’ve had there is something about your dog being so happy and enthusiastic to see you. It melts daily troubles away.

Before we can throw ourselves into thoughts of Mulled Wine and family feasts, we first have to get through the time of year our pets hate the most. Bonfire Night.

What happens to dogs on Bonfire night?

Its common knowledge that dogs don’t like Bonfire Night, but did you know why?

Firstly, it takes them to a place of panic, by flooding their system with the “Fight or flight” hormone. To translate this means Bark or Runaway and hide. Another stress is that dogs often protect their pack. You are their pack, whilst they are scared, they become stressed not knowing how to protect you from peril they think is coming.

Let’s not forget the super hearing dogs have. Bonfire Night to them is the equivalent to what the “The Blitz” sounded like to us.!! How frightening must that be?!?

Subtle signs your dog might be stressed include:

· yawning – unless your dog is tired

· panting – often with a curled tip of their tongue instead of relaxed

· pacing back and forth

· licking their lips

· ears pinned back

· dilated pupils or red around the eyes

· whites of their eyes showing (whale eye)

Obvious signs your dog might be stressed include:

· loss of appetite

· backing away from someone or a situation

· tail tucked between their legs

· cowering (shrinking down or crouching)

· diarrhoea or increased bowel movements

· trembling or shivering (when they’re not cold or excited)

Here at MyPIllow we are a team of Dog Lovers we are always delighted to see pictures of happy Canine customers. This has inspired us to provide you with some top tips to help your furry friend this bonfire night.

MyPillow Top Tips

· Early long walk, before it gets dark a nice long walk will help your dog feel rested.

· TV, Radio or white noise help block out the noise of fireworks.

· Dinner an hour before, food always helps a dog feel happy.

· Be close, some dogs like to get close some just like knowing your there.

· Stay calm, dogs pick up on anxiety, if your nervous they will be.

· If you have a crate leave the door open with a blanket over the top. If you don’t and have young children create a Doggy Den. This can be a nice idea to get your family involved with looking after your beloved pet. This can be as creative as you like, if you have a dog bed, we advise putting this in the Doggy Den.

· Plug in pheromones can be soothing but check with your vet first.

· Close the curtains

In honour of looking after your treasured pet, we are now offering 40% all dog beds until November 8th please use code. BESTFRIEND

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