New Made in Britain Members Pelloby Install Bespoke Turntable Crane

We are pleased to announce that leading UK crane manufacturers Pelloby Ltd have joined the Made in Britain Campaign.

Based in Telford in the West Midlands, Pelloby are approaching the impressive milestone of spending nearly a half century at the forefront of UK lifting industry. Working with both end users and trade clients across the UK and worldwide, Pelloby design and manufacture bespoke cranes, automated handling systems and other lifting equipment for all sorts of applications.


Pelloby’s Managing Director, Glen Hickman, explained the company’s reasons for joining the campaign.

“Pelloby are already one of the most well-known UK crane manufacturers both internationally and in Britain, but our new Made in Britain membership lets us promote this even further.

When someone orders a jib, overhead or gantry crane or any other lifting system from Pelloby, they’re dealing with our UK based experts every step of the way – from our designers and manufacturing team through to our installers and servicing engineers. Joining the Made in Britain Campaign is another opportunity to celebrate that fact.” 

One of Pelloby’s latest installations saw them supply a bespoke 16 tonne capacity turntable crane at the Hereford foundry of alloy manufacturer Special Metals. This system helped streamline operations within the foundry by allowing lengthy and bulky materials to be rotated before moving them between various workstations and storage positions. A special 360 degree slewing crab unit that could freely traverse along two double girder overhead beams was used to allow for the rotation of these items.

Click here to see a quick video of this turntable crane in action and read more about it here.

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