New product. Meet the PRo Conservatory Ladder.


Never again will you need to ask “How do I reach a conservatory roof?” or “What is the best way to clean a caravan roof?” Meet the LFI PRo Conservatory Ladder. Maintenance. Made Easy.

The PRo Conservatory Ladder is a heavy-duty aluminium conservatory ladder, caravan roof cleaning ladder, that provides safe and secure access to eave heights between 2.1m and 2.9m - perfect for cleaning, and maintenance of conservatories, orangeries, mobile homes and caravans.

Manufactured in Britain, the extra wide extending conservatory access ladder features PVC bearer bars that minimise the risk of damaging the contact surface, whilst helping to bridge a conservatory glazing bar and spread the weight evenly. Plus, with pivoting feet, a glazing suction pad with a webbing strap, and an integral roof section handrail to aid climbing between sections, the PRo Conservatory Ladder has been constructed to guarantee maximum safety.

When you're finished using the conservatory access ladder, it simply folds away flat for easy storage or transportation. Plus, the PRo Conservatory Ladder comes with a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Need to reach even further on a conservatory roof? Is caravan ladder safety an issue? The PRo Conservatory Ladder has got it covered. Piece of mind comes with the ability to extend the conservatory ladder with an additional 0.75m extension section which has its own bearer bar too. Maintenance. Made Easy.

The LFI PRo Conservatory Ladder is the best ladder for cleaning a caravan roof, the best ladder for cleaning a conservatory roof, AND the best ladder for maintaining an orangery roof.

WHY CHOOSE THE LFI PRo Conservatory Ladder?

  • Extra wide extending ladder with pivoting feet
  • Access eave heights between 2.1 and 2.9m
  • Wide PVC bearer bars
  • Roof section with handrail to aid climbing
  • Folds away flat for easy storage or transportation.
  • 750mm extension available complete with bearer bar.

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