A new digital  robot has been installed at the Pland Stainless factory in Leeds as part of continued investment to improve efficiency and maintain the welfare of their polishing team. The robot polisher is being put to work on stainless steel bowls, a volume line where large headed brushes improve the overall finish but can cause Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), for polishers if used over long periods of time. 

The investment has meant that their skilled workers can focus on more intricate products, leaving the robot to polish standard bowls with a consistency in both speed and finish. 

“We have always had to monitor and limit the time that our skilled polishers can spend on some of our volume lines due to health and safety concerns.” Said MD Steve Duree who has over 40 years of service with the business.  

“This investment has meant that our tradesmen can focus on some of our more complex and intricate pieces where smaller brushes usually result in less vibration and allows us to control any potential issues from using larger polishing brushes. Our investment in robots is certainly not to replace any of our skilled craftsmen, in fact business is booming at present and we are up 10% on last year’s sales, so we are consistently looking for new recruits both skilled and apprentices to train from all age groups.”

Pland has a long-standing reputation for producing stainless steel products mainly for the commercial market. Their products are targeted at many sectors including healthcare, sanitaryware, washrooms, laboratory, education, catering, janitorial or their anti-vandal range for secure accommodation.

Check out their website at or contact Pland Stainless on tel: 0113 263 4184.

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