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Did you know, here at Olson Electronics we offer our customers and local business’s a large range of services including reworking power distribution units (PDUs)? 

With over 60 years manufacturing experience and having complete control over our entire manufacturing process, we are in a unique position to offer all types of services. These services include powder coating, sub-contract manufacturing and a range of sheet metal fabrication solutions. We also offer cable assemblies, including custom power cables, which are all fully inspected and tested prior to despatch.

Here’s a great example of a customer utilising our services. A long standing customer of ours contacted us to replace an existing order with new PDUs due to a change in regulation BS 7671. This returning customer now needed a PDU to incorporate RCBO protection due to the nature of the installation supplying socket outlets. 

We highly value all our customers existing or new and therefore put our heads together to create a cost effective solution to this scenario. As a result, we proposed not to supply new PDUs incorporating RCBO protection but instead to rework their existing products.

In this instance, the products were desktop PDUs, individually fused and fitted with a sequential start and wieland connectors at either end. The request was for the same specification but to incorporate RCBO protection. Therefore, we shipped the order back to our Stanmore, London based manufacturing facility and head office. 
Our production team needed to modify the metalwork to accommodate the RCBO housing specified. This involved identifying the size required and then sending the units to the metal shop within the factory for the modification to begin. Our production team then fitted and tested the RCBOs before they were moved along the process to the assembly department. Here the units were rewired with the sequential starts and wieland connectors before a final inspection, test and then despatch.

After working closely with the customer and agreeing to rework the existing products, the next hurdle to over come was a very tight delivery time. Due to the industry our customer operates in they needed a very quick turn around. Determined to ensure our customers satisfaction and continue our high standard of customer service we got to work to ensure their deadline was achieved.

Following lots of communication and updates from our technical sales team and the customer, we were able to provide one of our unique services and execute the delivery to our customers expectation. The result being a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution and a very happy customer.

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