Member uses solar panels to generate one million kilowatts

RUTLAND Plastics is delighted to announce that it produced its one-millionth kWh of electricity in June 2022.  One million Kilowatts is also known as a Gigawatt.  A Gigawatt hour is enough to power around 750,000 homes for an hour with the average UK home using around 3000 kWh of electricity per year.  Rutland Plastics installed a 900 solar panel installation on the warehouse roof space a few years ago and these panels have the capacity to generate approximately 20 per cent of electricity demand at peak. 

In addition to generating their own solar electricity all of their purchased electricity is through the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme. Not only does Rutland Plastics source electricity through sustainable methods but also aims to reduce the amount of energy consumed overall. This is achieved through the use of a free air cooling system, smart lighting, daylight factory roof structures, barrel jackets fitted to all moulding machines, real-time energy monitoring system and continuous investment in new more energy-efficient moulding machines.

Furthermore, Rutland Plastics is committed to reducing waste by ensuring that all plastic waste that can be recycled is either recycled on-site or through the use of off-site partners. To demonstrate its commitment to the environment, Rutland Plastics has held ISO14001:2015 in Environmental Management for several years now.   The company also became a member of the Made in Britain Green Growth Programme earlier in the year with the aim of becoming more sustainable, fit for the future and focused on achieving the UK's COP 26 targets which include net-zero by 2050.

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