Over 70 percent of “must-have” Christmas gifts could be made overseas

As Christmas shopping reached its peak, research from the Made in Britain Campaign revealed that the vast majority of the UK’s “must-have” Christmas gifts are likely to be made abroad.

The Made in Britain Campaign analysed online listings of over 300 products from 15 gift guides from five of the UK’s top magazines and the official Toy Retailers Association. Of those products where the origin could be determined, only 28.6% said they were manufactured in the UK. 71.4% of the products could be identified as manufactured overseas, often in numerous countries. Most imported products were from China and India, with France and Germany revealed as key European exporters.

It was impossible to determine the origin of almost half (49.8%) of the 307 gifts analysed, but most of these fell under the clothing, electronics and toys categories, which are also likely to be made overseas.

Fortunately, those who do shop for British gifts this Christmas will not only be supporting British industry, but could be saving money too. The average cost of a “must-have” gift manufactured in the UK was £44.29, compared to £70.47 for those made elsewhere.

Denver Hewlett, Director at Made in Britain Campaign, said: “It is sad to see how so few of the gifts included in the must-have guides are manufactured on British soil. At a time of year when so many people are preparing to treat family and friends, it’s important to think how our Christmas spending could benefit UK businesses.

“Positive however, is the finding that seeking out British-made products can cut the cost of buying unique and unusual presents by more than a third. Furthermore, with so many companies not clearly disclosing where their products are made, we would urge companies that are committed to manufacturing in the UK to join our campaign and use our award-winning marque so consumers know their products are indeed British-made.”

With over 350 manufacturers proudly displaying the Made in Britain marque on their products, UK consumers have plenty of choice when it comes to keeping their Christmas shopping local. A selection of gifts from Made in Britain members is as follows:

Faust’s Essential Travel Kit by Faust’s Potions (£38) Shipping internationally, but lovingly produced in the UK, Faust’s Potions produces natural supplements, aimed at helping professionals cope with the pressures and ailments of a 21st century lifestyle.

City of Zombies Board Game by ThinkNoodle (£29.99) This multi-award winning, dice-based board game not only provides hours of fun for players aged five and up, but uses existing maths knowledge and encourages learning too.

Boys Denim Style Jumper by Hey Joe Clothing (£50) Hey Joe Clothing has a great selection of high-quality and very smart boys and girls clothing, including this 100% cotton crew neck jumper with stylish ribbed collar and cuffs.

Personalised Christmas cards by The Card Gallery (£0.90 each) The Card Gallery allows customers to personalise its cards with photographs, chosen wording and preferred colours, before delivering them for free. Cards cost less than a pound and are 100% made in the UK, making for the perfect festive greeting.

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