PALLITE calls on businesses to help save the planet

A NORTHAMPTONSHIRE-based transit packaging specialist that has pledged to make its products entirely waste-free by 2022 is encouraging other businesses to do their bit towards creating a sustainable supply chain.

PALLITE - a provider of lightweight, paper-based pallets, pallet boxes, layer pads and warehouse storage solutions – has launched a new sustainability calculator to help businesses discover the environmental impact of their operations, and what they can do to improve their green credentials.

Iain Hulmes, PALLITE CEO, said: “At PALLITE, we are not just selling a commodity. We are working to solve problems, and one of those problems is the very real detrimental effect we as human beings are having on our planet, and the role the packaging industry plays in that. As an industry, we have to face up to the fact that there is so much more that we can – and should – do in this area.

“We don’t see ourselves as simply manufacturers of environmentally-friendly packaging products and warehouse storage solutions. We are working hard to make every area of our business as sustainable, environmentally-friendly and efficient as it possibly can be, and we want our colleagues within the supply chain to join us on that mission.”

PALLITE’s Sustainability Calculator, which can be accessed via its website, allows businesses to discover the environmental and monetary cost of transporting goods via road, sea and air. By inputting the number of consignments they transport per year, distances travelled and packaging type, companies can find out how a typical 500kg load might reduce potentially harmful greenhouse gas emissions resulting from their operations, as well as save money on fuel. The savings made are then compared to real-world environmental equivalents, such as the number of cars taken off the road, tonnes of waste recycled instead of sent to landfill, or number of trees planted.

PALLITE’s products are 100 per cent recyclable after use and currently made from 88 per cent recycled materials, although the company has pledged to increase this to 100 per cent by 2021. As well as being an environmentally-friendly choice in themselves, having been proven in independent tests to contribute less to climate change and the disappearance of the world’s rainforests than wooden pallets, they also provide a range of green benefits for companies that choose to use them, including reduced CO2 emissions and lower transport costs.

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