PDI International launches ground-breaking sustainable sanitising wipes for UK hospitality industry

PDI International, renowned leaders in delivering clinically proven infection prevention solutions, have launched an innovative range of biodegradable sanitising wipes designed specifically for the UK food, catering, hospitality and service (HoReCa) industry.

Proudly made in Britain, Protect 360° Biodegradable Sanitising Wipes, developed under the Sani Professional brand, leverage PDI International's years of expertise and reputation for excellence in infection control, particularly in highly stringent healthcare environments.

As the number 1 brand in foodservice wipes in North America, serving high-profile clients such as McDonald's, Starbucks, KFC, Disneyland, Delta, Royal Caribbean, and more, PDI brings its unparalleled commitment to excellence to the UK's HoReCa sector.

Backed by rigorous research and developed in-house, the innovative Sani Professional® Protect 360° Biodegradable Sanitising Wipes present PDI International’s most environmentally conscious offering to date, developed specifically to protect your People, your Place, and our Planet.

This commitment extends to conscientious choices in formulation, fabric selection, product packaging, sustainable disposal practices, and manufacturing in Britain. The wipes are 100% plastic-free, made from biodegradable fibres, containing a 100% plant-based active formulation.

Designed as a food safe solution, the wipes are clinically proven to effectively eliminate all bacteria and key viruses like norovirus, flu, and coronavirus with medical grade efficacy in just 60 seconds.

Tailored for catering and hospitality, they are dermatologically tested and suitable for use on most non-porous surfaces, including tables, food preparation areas, countertops, chopping boards, furniture, and door handles.

PDI International has also tackled prevalent challenges encountered by the hospitality sector. Among these is the notorious "sticky table effect" and the dispersion of hazardous chemicals via the use of sprays, posing risks or discomfort to both staff and guests. The solution utilises a natural-based active ingredient to effectively combat sticky tables, while opting for wipes over sprays, eradicating any inhalation risks associated with chemical exposure.

President and CEO of PDI International, David Gueundjian, said: “As market leaders of clinically proven infection prevention products, we recognise the delicate balance between pioneering sustainable solutions and ensuring unwavering efficacy. We are proud to be the first to bring to the UK locally-made innovation that delivers superior efficacy without compromising neither the environment nor the health and safety of individuals at large. We commit to adopting a balanced approach to sustainability, always prioritising the well-being and safety of people above all else.”

Microbiological foodborne diseases (FBD) such as salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter impose both public health and financial burdens on society. In the UK, an estimated 2.4 million cases suffer from an FBD every year. Among these, norovirus imposes the greatest economic and societal burden, with an estimated annual cost of £1.68 billion.

Supported by research, the innovative Sani Professional Protect 360° Biodegradable Sanitising Wipes have been clinically engineered to ensure maximum efficacy and protection against these common foodborne diseases, all while adhering to environmentally conscious and sustainable practices.

Embracing sustainability is essential as the hospitality industry works towards its goal to be net-zero by 2040, a critical objective identified by UK Hospitality, the UK’s leading trade body for the industry.


For more information, visit: Sani Professional - PDI International % (pdi-intl.com)

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