Preventing dine & dash with CardsSafe

The CardsSafe system is designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab, which means it is the ideal deterrent for anyone contemplating walking out of your establishment without paying.

CardsSafe works with the hospitality industry to assist with bar tabs which undoubtedly help to increase profits. Young’s pubs, Hilton Hotels, and many independent and chain restaurants and pubs have been using CardsSafe for many years. The system helps to increase the bottom line by eliminating dine & dash while fighting card fraud simultaneously. 

“The CardsSafe system is great for servicing customers who enjoy our outside areas.”
Deborah Steel, the Director of the Deers Hut in Liphook in Hampshire.

Increasing profit and reducing walkouts, CardsSafe offers many benefits to its customers. No wonder over 5000 major brands and independents in the UK trust CardsSafe. 

CardsSafe virtually eliminates walkouts because it retains bank cards and allows secure tabkeeping. Rather than insisting on advance payment, businesses can keep tabs and up-sell while doing so. CardsSafe technology eliminates the temptation or opportunism. 

CardsSafe is affordable and pays for itself. Each unit, which contains ten card drawers, can be hired for just £9.95 per month. Each hire comes with customer service troubleshooting, free replacement keys, and additional units can be added at any time. 

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