Pump Initiation Board Season

One of the products where we become particularly busy at this time of year, is with our pump initiation boards… for no apparent reason we (or our customers) can put our finger on – and it appears there is more and more requirement for non-standard ‘specials’.

Whether it’s high pressure, you need a strange configuration, you are tight on space, need a pre-piped inlet or drain, then SEP is where you need to come – special is our speciality. Of course we maintain an off-the-shelf stock of our customers’ most common requirements i.e. 14 bar EN12845 2-way, 3-way and 4-way and BS5306 3-way boards, as well as 25 bar EN12845 3-way. We also maintain a stock of pre-prepared sub-assemblies, ready to be mounted and finished any way you like at short notice.

We know our initiation boards might not be ‘cheap’, and we’re not going to change that, but (not just) in our opinion they are ‘best value’ and we’re happy to argue they are the ‘best all round’ – we made some changes last year to be able to maintain pricing and improve quality, and we are always looking at new ideas.

In the meantime, have a look at our information page and email us with any questions you have or quotations you need.

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