QNAP shuts down hackers conducting brute-force attacks.

A malicious server used in widespread brute-force attacks was taken down in a collaborative effort between QNAP and Digital Ocean recently, the server took advantage of internet-exposed NAS (network-attached storage) devices with weak passwords. Many people, rely on QNAP storage devices for their backups, and additional storage, and what it boiled down to is something as simple as a weak password. It’s essential to set strong passwords for admin level accounts, as well as set up multi factor authentication where necessary, to prevent such attacks from occurring.

More can be read about it here https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/qnap-takes-down-server-behind-widespread-brute-force-attacks/ 

While QNAP and its security team were able to take down the attackers this time, they might not be so lucky if it were to happen again. The best solution to have when being targeted by hackers, is a reliable, third-party backup solution. Having a copy of your system stored elsewhere prevents a hacker from completely knocking you off your feet, you will be able to recover your backup to a state before it was compromised, without losing anything important.

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