Radical rake and ball-stopping performance from ZAUN

EXTREME fencing manufacturer Zaun has always got a story to tell. In fact, this month it’s got two!

The Made in Britain member’s security product ArmaWeave has achieved its steepest rake yet, and as far as high-security fencing is concerned, this could be the steepest rake ever. Accredited ArmaWeave installer Crime and Fire Defence Systems carried out an incredible installation at a high security site, where the fence climbed a 50m-long, 25 degree slope using full width panels.

Zaun owner and co-founder Alastair Henman told Made in Britain, “The raking powers are such a big benefit over the 358 welded-mesh design and could help protect so many high security sites.”

Zaun developed the raking installation method to make best use of the properties of its exclusive ArmaWeave high security fabric, which is the most intruder resistant fence on the high security market.

And when it’s not protecting your site from intruders, Zaun is effectively stopping your balls. The redevelopment of tennis courts is the first priority in a 15-year masterplan for Gunnersbury Park in London.

Zaun manufactured and supplied 414m of 3m high Duo6 Advantage tennis sports fencing with six single leaf gates and two divider fences with a central 3.5 m wide walkway between courts.


Zaun’s Advantage tennis court fencing system can withstand heavy use with a 42.85mm x 200mm twin wire mesh pattern that won’t let balls through yet allows a great view of on-court action. It offers better whole-life value than chain-link fencing, which is easily cut with pliers for unauthorised use, and deforms quickly when people lean against it.

You can find out lots more about Zaun’s fencing adventures from its profile on the Made in Britain website: https://www.madeingb.org/members/zaun-ltd




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