Rearo invests in state-of-the-art Edgebander machine

Rearo is one of the UK's leading suppliers and manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen laminate surfaces. Manufacturing from a 67,000 sq ft facility in Glasgow,  the team of highly skilled crafts workers create first class products for both the domestic and commercial markets.

Rearo purchased a state-of-the-art HOMAG Edgeteq 380 Edgebander with support from Scottish Enterprise, through AWMS Ltd, the official sales and service partner for all Homag Group products in Scotland. 

To commemorate the launch, the team asked Michael Kennedy, Rearo's experienced Edgebander, to do the honours and cut the ribbon in a small ceremony with Support Services Manager, Daniel Danso. 

Michael has been with Rearo for 32 years, joining the company in its infancy. Michael was a Rearo truck driver originally, before moving into the warehouse. He has been working on the Edgebander for over 20 years. He knows a thing or two about edgebanding! 

Key Features: 

1.       Flexible glue application system that allows for easy changing of colour and glue type. Whether the company needs EVA or PU adhesives, the system enables swift and hassle-free transitions, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. 

2.       Multifunctional profile trimming that delivers precise corner rounding and flush trimming. This versatile feature will ensure smooth and consistent edge finishes, meeting Rearo customers diverse design requirements and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the products. 

3.       Multi-level technology making it effortless to adjust the unit when changing materials. Whether the staff are working with different thicknesses or compositions, this intelligent system simplifies the adjustment process, saving time and ensuring optimal performance. 

5.       Fully automated machine offering excellent flexibility and easy adjustment. Its advanced automation capabilities streamline production processes, enabling efficient operation and quick adaptation to changing requirements. The automated features enhance productivity and ensure consistent, high-quality results. 

This new Edgebander will speed up the manufacturing process, increase production levels and improve the finished quality of Rearo products. It also takes up significantly less space in the factory, and staff can be fully trained in two to three weeks, rather than months, with the previous machine (which is still going strong, despite its age!)

The Rearo team would like to thank Scottish Enterprise for the support and to Andrew Carson and the AWMS team for assistance with the installation.  

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